• Warm-up pre-workout
• Recover quickly post training
• Increase circulation
• Reduce pain and soreness
• Reducing edema and promotes faster recovery after sports injuries
• post-operation.

How it works?

NormaTec utilizes compressed air to massage a person’s limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed up recovery time. The recovery compression boots begin compressing around the feet. The massage pattern moves along the leg segment-by-segment massaging the limb and forcing fluid out of the extremity. Typical session is 20 to 30 minutes however it can be used up to 60 minutes depending on the condition. 

Three Key Techniques Employed By NormaTec Compression Boots

Pulsing: A typical compression system squeezes the body part, forcing fluid out of the limbs, but NormaTec uses pulses that are specifically timed to compress  the fluid out of the body part. The pulsing pattern mimics the natural way a muscle pumps.

Gradients: NormaTec uses alternating hold pressures, which travel in one direction, forcing fluids to flow in the correct direction.

Distal Release: Each of the five different segments of the compression boot holds the pressure on each zone just long enough for the limbs to gain maximum rest, but not long enough to obstruct the person’s normal circulatory flow.

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